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Step-by-Step Translation Workflow

1 We receive your documents and carry out an analysis using our Translation Memory software in order to determine the total word count. We also evaluate the complexity, file format, layout, specific field, required resources, time-frame, etc., and we send you our non-binding price and turnaround time quote.

2 We choose the professional translators and proofreaders who will handle your project based on their expertise and educational background. We contact them with the specifics of the project and make all the necessary payment and timeframe arrangements with them.

3 Our translator receives the necessary files in translatable format and starts working on them using SDL Trados Studio, using all the necessary electronic and paper resources. SDL Trados Studio helps standardise terminology and language style, and ensures consistency within the text.

4 The translated project is passed on to our proofreader(s) for two different proofreading sessions. Our proofreader sends us back the revised project along with a detailed report on the quality of the translation, which helps us keep track of our colleagues' work performance over time.

5 The revised project is sent back to the translator for approval of changes made. In the event of a conflict, a third expert decides whether the changes made by the proofreader benefit the text or not. In any case, the text will not be sent back to you until all doubts have been dealt with properly.

6The revised and translator-approved text arrives with us for Quality Assurance. We run it through our SDL Trados Studio QA system, which includes checks for Inconsistencies, Punctuation, Numbers, Regular Expressions, Terminology, Length of Text and more. Finally, we make sure the layout is the desired one.

7Finally, our client receives the translated document in the agreed format and method of delivery. In general, we remain in contact with the client throughout the process and we always welcome feedback on the quality of our work. Click here for a free quote on your translation project.