Step-by-Step Translation Workflow

1We analyse your documents to determine the total word count, using OCR and Translation Memory tools to ensure an accurate analysis. We also evaluate the complexity, file format, layout, specific field, required resources, time frame and any other relevant points before send you an estimated cost and timescale.

2We select professional translators and proofreaders to handle your project based on their expertise and qualifications.

3The translator receives the files in translatable format and starts work on them.

4The translation is passed on for proofreading and QA checks.

5The revised project is sent back to the translator to approve any changes. If the translator disagrees with these changes, another linguist decides whether the changes made by the proofreader benefit the text or not. The text will not be considered finished until all doubts have been resolved. We may ask for your input where the subject matter is very client-specific.

6The finished text is then subject to final QA checks for inconsistencies, typos, punctuation, numerical errors, and more.

7We finalise the formatting and deliver the final translated document in the agreed format. We remain in contact with the client throughout the process and we always welcome feedback on the quality of our work. Click here for a free quote or estimate.