Russian Translation Services

Russian is the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages and the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia. Its use is not confined to Russia itself, Russian being a co-official language of a number of other countries and a recognised minority language in many more.

Numerous regional variations of the Russian language do exist, with particular variations occurring between the north and south of Russia and in other countries where Russian is spoken. A professional Russian translation will reflect these differences and is achieved by assigning translators from the appropriate part of the world, or with experience of the regional variation or dialect concerned.

Russia is one of the most industrialised of the former Soviet republics and has developed colossal manufacturing capacities. The defence, aircraft, automobile, railroad and space industries are core employers and the source of much of Russia’s export trade.

To reach out on a global level, companies must translate their materials, whether as a regulatory requirement or to reach out to prospective clients. Edinburgh Translators can assist with the translation of marketing materials such as your website if you wish to reach out to potential clients in Russian-speaking countries.

Perhaps you have business interests in Russia? Perhaps you are working on a business transaction with a Russian-speaking client? Let us make your job easier by translating your business communications. Perhaps you are looking to import products or parts from Russia? Let us help you with the necessary documentation.

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