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Medical Translation Services

The translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents into foreign languages is a difficult and often agonising task. At Edinburgh Translators, we provide comprehensive and flexible medical translation services to medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in Scotland and the UK. Our skilled and experienced professionals guarantee a perfect result even in the most complex and specialist medical translation projects. In order to produce translations of the highest quality, we do not take any shortcuts and we pay attention to every little detail.

The medical/pharmaceutical documents we handle include

  • Clinical protocols
  • Clinical trial manuals
  • Case Report Forms
  • QoL questionnaires
  • Leaflets
  • Medical Marketing
  • Medical journals
  • Medical equipment
  • Regulatory documents
  • Patient Consent Forms
  • Instructions for use
  • Scientific articles
  • Patient Information
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Marketing permits
  • SPC's

Q&A about Medical Translation

Will the confidentiality of my documents be protected?

Your documents will remain 100% confidential and all of our colleagues who will work on them will be asked to sign a strict confidentiality agreement.

What languages do you offer medical translation in?

The main language combinations we offer for medical translation are German, Polish, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Arabic and Russian from and into English. However, we have access to a large network of competent linguists and we can cater for other language combinations at the request of our client.

Will you able to retain the layout of the source document in your translation?

As long as you let us know beforehand, of course. Even If your document is a heavily formatted PDF, we will use the appropriate technique (OCR, Desktop Publishing software) in order to reproduce its layout in our translation.

How can I be sure about the background of the people working on my documents?

You can visit the Our Team page in order to see a brief overview of our colleagues' professional and academic background. We can also send you full details of the linguists working on your documents.

How can I contact you for a quote on my medical translation project?

You can use the dedicated quote form or simply send us all the relevant details to us at, including word count, source document format, specific medical or pharma field, intended use/target audience, desired delivery date and last, but not least, the document itself for a thorough evaluation.