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Italian is the official language of Italy and San Marino. It is also a co-official language of Switzerland, and is widely spoken in Malta, Croatia and Slovenia. Further afield, Italian is widely understood in some parts of Africa due to historical ties with the African continent. Although numbers of speakers of Italian are significantly lower than those of some other European languages, it is clearly a global language.

Italy’s principal economic sectors include Agriculture, Transport, and Energy. In particular, the country is the second largest producer of wine in the world and a leader in olive oil, fruit and vegetables. Famous for its role in fashion design, Italy hosts some of the most important events in the world fashion calendar, and is one of the forerunners of the global fashion industry; an industry that relies on constant translation between the different players in order to operate.

To reach out on a global level, companies must translate their materials, whether as a regulatory requirement or to reach out to prospective clients. Edinburgh Translators can assist with the translation of marketing materials such as your website if you wish to reach out to potential clients in Italian-speaking countries.

Perhaps you would like to import Italian food and drink? We can translate the necessary documentation. Perhaps you are working on a business transaction with an Italian-speaking client? Let us translate your business communications.

Regional variations of Italian language exist, with differences in vocabulary from place to place. A professional Italian translation will reflect these differences and is achieved by assigning translators from the appropriate part of the world, or with experience of the regional variation concerned.

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