Certified Greek Translations

Edinburgh Translators provide fully certified Greek Translations from English to Greek and Greek to English. Our Greek translator is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and approved by the Greek consulate in London, and he is thus able to provide certified translations recognised by the Greek Embassy and Consulates throughout the UK, according to the procedure described in the Greek Embassy's website. Our Greek translations can also be used with UK authorities.

If your document has been issued in the UK and is written in English, you will need to authenticate it first by sending it to the legalisation office of FCO (read more on this procedure). After receiving your authenticated document, you can send it to us through the post.

If, on the other hand, your document is in Greek and is intended for use by a British authority, you can send us a certified copy of the original document. You will receive a fully certified translation which can be used with most UK authorities. However, some agencies may require you to have it authenticated/legalised by the Greek Consulate, so please make sure to contact the organisation that the translation is intended for and specifically ask if they need the certified Greek translation to be legalised as well.

English-Greek Translation Services

Greek is the official language of Greece and one of the official languages of Cyprus. It is also a recognised minority language in countries including Italy and Albania. Greeceā€™s principal economic sectors include Agriculture, Shipping and Tourism. Traditionally these sectors were highly lucrative and placed Greece in a strong position on the world stage. Unfortunately, the recent economic crisis has had a devastating effect and changed the outlooks of all Greek industries.

Translations from and into the main European languages will be an essential part of the current and future restructuring of the Greek economy. In order to prosper, Greek companies may wish to look beyond their national borders for a wealthier clientele at a time when they are struggling to do business locally. Translation will be necessary to facilitate such expansion.

To reach out on a global level, companies must translate their materials, whether as a regulatory requirement or to reach out to prospective clients. Edinburgh Translators can assist with the translation of marketing materials such as your website if you wish to reach out to potential clients in Greek-speaking countries.

Perhaps you or your company has interests in Greece? Perhaps you are working on a business transaction with a Greek-speaking client? Perhaps you are restructuring the Greek arm of your business? Let us help you by translating your business communications and any of the documentation that you are relying on.

Regional variations of Greek language exist, with differences in vocabulary from place to place. A professional Greek translation will reflect these differences and is achieved by assigning translators from the appropriate part of the world, or with experience of the regional variation concerned.

Greek Translation Quote

You can use the dedicated quote form in this website to send us the details of your project in order to receive a non-binding detailed quote. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at info@edinburghtranslators.co.uk.