General Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Edinburgh Translators a company?

    No. Edinburgh Translators was founded by a group of translators who work together on a regular basis. Between us we direct the work to the appropriate people for translation and checking. For certain projects we will collaborate under the umbrella of Edinburgh Translators and for others you will be directed to one of our trusted translation colleagues to work with them directly. Our freelancers have their own business terms and will advise you appropriately.

  • Which languages do you translate from and into?

    Our main language combinations are German, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Arabic, Polish and Russian from and into English. However, we have access to a large network of competent linguists and we can cater for other language combinations in consultation with our client.

  • Which subjects do you handle?

    We specialise in medical, technical, legal and financial translation, and the localisation/globalisation of websites.

  • Which file types do you handle?

    We can handle almost any file type, including all Adobe products, Microsoft Office, Image files and other. Simply send us your file and we will be sure to reply with a detailed quote.

  • Are the translators who are working on my document qualified?

    You can find more information about the main members of our team here. We also collaborate with extremely competent and certified freelance translators, the details of whom will be sent to you before the start of the project. You can rest assured that the people working on your project are well educated and experienced in the specific field.

  • Do you use machine translation?

    No, no, no! Translation is being carried out by educated professional HUMAN translators working only into their native language. Machine translation cannot guarantee a decent level of quality and that is why, unlike many of our 'competitors', we opted not to include it in our portfolio of services.

  • Which different levels of translation quality do you offer?

    Again unlike many of our 'competitors', we offer only one level of translation quality ...the top quality one :). We do not offer 'lower quality' translations and we certainly do not offer non-proofread or non-edited translations.

  • Do you offer interpreting services?

    No, we only offer translation services. However, having been active in the translation/interpreting market for a few years now, we can certainly recommend competent colleagues to handle your task.

  • How soon can I get my translation back?

    In general, the more time you give us the better! This way, we can employ the best possible resources for your task and give our translators ample time to finish the work with the best possible quality. We prefer to assign projects to one translator at a time, in order to ensure terminological and style consistency within the text. However, we can also handle projects with tighter deadlines, by using two or three different translators and a special consolidation process. Let us know what your project is about and we will advise you on the feasibility of your deadline.

  • Can you translate a PDF document and retain its layout?

    Yes! We will use either OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or DTP (Desktop Publishing) in order to recreate the structure of the original PDF in our translation.

  • Can I request a test translation?

    Yes. This can be in the form of a 'run-in' or pilot project of a few hundred words into one or all of the languages you require. This project will be paid with a symbolic fee in order for us to ensure the best possible quality and help you decide if you want to continue working with us.

  • How do you guarantee quality?

    Visit the Our Team page for a detailed account of the professional and academic background of our colleagues. Furthermore, our translation workflow also guarantees our quality (3-stage QA process, use of Translation Memories, consultation with the client).

  • Will my personal data and my documents remain confidential?

    Yes. Both we and the translators working on your project are obliged to sign a strict confidentiality agreement, if you request this. We are very sensitive to this issue and we make every effort to keep our clients' data strictly confidential.

  • How do you calculate your fee?

    Our quotes are calculated on a per-word basis and depend on word count, file type, subject, specialisation, complexity, format, and preferred deadline. It's very difficult to give you a precise quote over the phone, so the best thing to do is to email us your documents and you will receive a non-binding detailed quote within a few hours. As stated above, we do not offer different translation quality levels or machine translation.

  • What methods of payment can I use?

    You can pay by bank transfer to our UK bank account or via PayPal.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    We do offer discounts for longterm collaborations and large-volume or repetitive texts. In any case, the best discount arises if you keep working with us so we can use past projects as leverage and minimise the cost and delivery time for future projects.

  • Can I get a better price by giving you more time to complete the translation?

    Yes! Giving us more time will reduce the overall cost of the translation.

  • Where are you based?

    As our name suggests, we are based and work from Edinburgh, UK. Give us a call If you want to meet us in person and discuss your project. Since the work is being done remotely via the Internet, we can handle projects from companies anywhere in the UK and abroad.

  • How can I send you my documents?

    You can send your documents vial email, eFax, or using the dedicated quote form on our website. For larger files, we also have an ftp server where you can upload your files.